“Portland quartet Don & The Quixotes makes its mission abundantly clear… a mostly instrumental surf odyssey marked by quirk, a little sleaze, a lot of love and a glaze of grit. Consider the party rocked.”

-AP KRYZA, Willamette Week, 3/28/12

Thanks to Clint Sargent for the live video!

3 thoughts on “Main”

  1. KJ Sanders (Aka Greeser Dixon) said:

    I met you phenoms at mikes, when you shot green screen. The final product is hilarious. Thanks for copy of My Name Is Don, I make Mike and all listen to it all the time. If we ever get a TV show again,I’d still live to have Don And The Quixotes be house band.
    Your counts and syncopations,
    Your minor modes and diverse percussion,
    Your fucking daring harmonies.
    And you guys got a wry sense of humor.
    It was an honor meeting you all.

  2. You guys’ music plays at my grocery store, After a long and trying process that involved trying to use shazam on a speaker in a grocery mart I FINALLY found out who was playing that amazing surf version of Fur Elise and now I’ve finally found you guys! How and what do I need to do to get every copy and shred of your music? From the official stuff to unused I want it all you’re guys music hits me like none other. A modern surf sound that’s jammin and classy!? Sign me up for life, get back at me dudes!!!

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